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Still ok to post them here, right?

4_Phucsache wrote:

Whilst I dont disagree that stopping this is a good idea I also think it begs the question "is this going to stop people derailing, flaming or generally making ass's of themselves in threads?" and I think we all know that it wont.
Maybe not, but it's fair warning that we're taking a harder line against this type of behavior now.

Fenris_GreyClaw wrote:

<<<FTDM>>>Gen.Raven wrote:

maybe we could make a lolcat thread where they can all post their gay pics and we dont have to see them anymore
That's been tried. Several times actually, and they've all been closed/deleted. And I'm thankful for that.
Plus, they have a freaking website.

autopilot wrote:

Still ok to post them here, right?
Of course.

tF-voodoochild wrote:

I fear that most of you are missing the point entirely.


This topic is a warning. The warning is that if you continue to do nothing more than post pointless junk in otherwise relevant and meaningful threads, whether that junk is in image or text form, you will no longer be welcome on the forums, as per the rules that you have all agreed to uphold by signing up to the forums in the first place.
Emphasis mine.

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