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+3|6242|Brixham, UK
I reinstalled BF2 just for this. I then installed Special forces. Then the patch. I am STILL told my CDkey is invalid when playing on a different windows account.

I enter the BF2SF cdkey in the tech support area, and I run SF. STILL does not work.

I then try the cdkey checker program that was downloadable to BF2 - crashes.

I cannot play BF2SF on my windows account.

Can anyone help?
Create a new account on your PC in Windows Xp. Install bf2 and bf2sf on that account. It worked for me.
Be sure that you have all patches and drivers.
Insert witty comment here
+3|6242|Brixham, UK
I'll try that, but be warned, i'm verging on calling this Special Farces from this point on >

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