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Granted, even if we were given Korean speeds we'd still get throttled to the stone age whenever companies like Comcast feel like it.
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
I like how some communities are building their own private broadband services. Home owners associations pooling resources in order to set up a residential service decreases stress on the overall network and forces large corporations to compete harder. We should be encouraging this.
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
"Bad ass" video of American troops fighting at night in Iraq. I guess fighting since it mostly looks like they are driving around a town firing at the buildings. … aqis_pt_1/

This is one of two clips that I like most that explains the futility of the Iraq and Afghan wars. Imagine firing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ammo into the homes of people who clearly don't want you there and still expecting future cooperation. One night of shooting at these people's homes could have put a dozen American kids through college for a year.
i mean it’s a replay of vietnam and hosing down a random village for VCs.

anyone could have told you about the futility of that sort of warfare.

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