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Is it better to drive with tailgate up or down for sav gas purposes ?

Yes you get better gas milage keeping it down. .53%53% - 8
No its better to leave it up . .46%46% - 7
Total: 15
What do you think ? I already know the answer and after a few days ill post it and reason why?
Horseman 77
I dont think you produce Drag  coefficients at speeds a pick up truck can do.
I hate stupid people.
I think mythbusters tried that out. Unfortunatley I did not see that episode.
In short, yes, you do better with it up

*i saw the episode*

Moving Target
It's better to have it up.  I don't even need to see the Mythbusters episode.  I saw the original study done by Ford in the early 80's that sparked the "myth".  In my mind it just proves how some people just want to never be confused with facts, and want to cling to their little dream world with both hands.
I like grapes.
Im lost what about there gas mileage
think they are talking about the tailgate being up
ArmChair Warrior
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It probably doesnt make that much of a difference (IN GAS MILELAGE), unless you go long distances...and in that case trade it in and get a hybrid.    It was made to be up so why not use that function unless you are hauling something?

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The answer is UP and you do produce drag even in shot distances .. Im a truck driver always have been always will be . .I use to drive with it down thinking that it helped but it only made it worse ..

Mythbusters is the ones that made me ask this question. I was shocked ..

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