hey, im about to earn a new unlock. but im having trouble deciding. i cant seem to choose between the PKM and the DAO-12. can you guys give me your reasons why you would the DAO-12 and the PKM. Thx.
Bloody Sky
DAO-12 - This gun is a beast! But I liked it better when the select few people had it. Turn the corner - BOOM! - DAO-12 in your face, and your dead! I love this gun! But if you choose this gun I suggest right after you get out of any gun fight (low on ammo or not) RELOAD! It has 12 rounds and it loads in one shell at a time. If you run all the way down to no bullets left in the DAO... you better run off and hide somewhere because it's going to take awhile to reload.

PKM- This is a powerful gun, indeed. With it's 100 bullet clip, I say you don't need to relaod alot. But this guns accuracy is what gets you. I have ran up right ontop of a proned guy and started blasting away and it took about 20 seconds to finially kill him. It gave him enough time to turn around switch to his pistol (he was a Sniper) and shoot me 3 times before I finially killed him. I say, if you are good enough with the regualr Support Class guns you get, then go for the PKM.

As for me, I would chose the DAO-12. The power of this gun is amazing. Also you get the nice little handy rocket to shoot at people with your Anti-Tank Class as well.

P.S. Would this be better off in the Help section?
What kit do you play most and go with that....

All unlock are good based on the gamer style of play... some people don't like the M95... I didn't like first but now I am better with it.

I love the G36C because I just aleays play as a Spec. Ops.

I have the PKM and it can be deadly but I'm still getting use to it...

I hate people with the DAO-12, that's because at close range it's hard to beat.

Pick one, learn to use it and you will learn to love it...
Nay vee, bay bee.
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i agree with bloody sky.  the dao12 is pretty crazy.  the one thing its missing is that once you start reloading, you have to wait until it reloads all the cant fire in between, which makes it hard to take out more than two or three guys at a time in close quarters situations.  its also as fast as you can click the mouse, thats how fast itll fire.  ive fallen victim to shooting players after theyve already died just because they dont fall fast enough.
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I don't have the PKM, but this is true for all the other Heavy Assult rifles I have found the muzzle flash is SO bright that it is hard to keep the target insight maybe it is not as bad with the PKM.
Commander Disconnect
DAO-12. Major upgrade.
Its too bad it even got down to the DAO-12 and PKM for you. Those were my first and second unlocks respectively (Before the 1.3 patch). However, the DAO-12 is the better upgrade out of the two, miles ahead of those sh1tty SMGs.
i remember piking up a DAO-12, i ran up to a guy and shot the whole clip into him, nothing,  the gun also flew around like crazy, its simply crap
Go with the pkm man...  Everyone says the accuracy sucks and everything but ive had no prob with it...

Guys about 10-20 yards away from me i can easy blast away in 10 sec going full auto... its worth it...

It also depends on which kit you use the most... go with the one u are going to use the most
I just had to make the same decision myself.  I ended up picking the PKM over the DAO.  Now I don't have much experience with the DAO.  I've only used it a few times when I grabbed it off a dead guy.  But I've been very happy with the PKM.  It's very powerful.  You take down just about everybody in 2-3 hits and it's accurate to quite a ways out.  Also, you can do some serious damage to unarmored vehicles.  You just have to remember two very important things.  First, It's no good up close.  If your target is within about 30 feet, you might as well be using harsh language.  Any CQC, you should switch to the pistol.  Second, if you're not prone and zoomed, you'll never hit anything.  A lot of people have commented that the accuracy on the PKM sucks, that they couldn't ever hit anything.  I think that they didn't spend enough time prome and zoomed.  It's literally the only way to hit anything.  Just form a habit that any time you see a bad guy, hit prown and right clock at the same time.  Oh, one more thing: shoot in bursts.  Don't just hold down the trigger unless the target is big (like a Hummer) or close.

As others have commented, it really depends alot on your style of play.  I see that you've played medic more than any other kit and that you unlocked the L85.  That was my first unlock and my most used weapon.  The transition to the PKM was pretty easy for me because I had been taking most of my shots from a distance.  It's nice when you're exchanging fire with another player and you actually win more than not (using the PKM vs the L85).  The L85, while very accurate for single shots at a distance, still sounds and behaves like a BB gun.  I found that I lost most of the time if I was going toe to toe with someone.

I also noticed that you've played quite a bit of assault and engineer and that you unlocked the Jackhammer.  That suggests that you might play more CQC, so maybe the DAO would be best for you.  I know that whenever I come face to face with the DAO, I almost always lose.  I would think that the DAO would behave alot like the Jackhammer.  You would just have to click more than once and reload less often.

The PKM and DAO are really opposite ends of the spectrum.  The PKM is no good under 30 feet and you need to lie down and aim for it to be useful.  The DAO is no good over 30 feet (maybe a little more...) and it doesn't really matter if you're prone and you don't have to aim all that well.  More than most other unlocks, I think the DAO and PKM define the way that you have to play.  The PKM really forces you to shoot at a distance, playing a support role (how about that?).  The DAO forces you to play close up.  It would be great if every map was nothing but tight alleys.

Damn, I got pretty long winded there.  I hope it's helpful.  It's a lot of the reasoning that I went through myself a couple of weeks ago.  For me, it really came down to the fact that I like to enage my targets from a distance.  I'm just not that good in CQC.  I always aim at centermass and get shot in the head.  The PKM has been very good to me.  It has provided a reason to play support again.  I played support a lot when I first started because I didn't like running out of ammo but, when it comes down to it, the SAW sucks.  Also, after playing medic and spec ops for so long, I forgot how nice it is to have body armor.  And you can rearm yourself and others. (do you get resupply points for yourself?)

thx guys for helping me out, now i know what im going to get (DAO-12). thanks R.Matey for helping me realize that im a close combat kinda guy. ya know, run up behind a guy and unload a whole clip into his back.   Thanks!

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