The most anoying thing in BF2

Getting Badges/Ribbons3%3% - 13
Accident punishers33%33% - 115
Tk'ers21%21% - 73
Lag/Comp. requierments12%12% - 42
Load times12%12% - 43
Gun inaccuracies15%15% - 53
Total: 339
<b|k> lukie

oberst_enzian wrote:

complaining about n00b t00bs is like the spatic complaints about "awp whores" in CS. FFS, its in the game, its there to be used. If you own with it - good for you, stick with it. What the hell do you complainers want? Send your complaints to EA. Then they can send them to the military that they based their weapons on.

Dear Department of Defence,
I am writing concerning the use of grenade launchers by the armed forces. Its just not fair on the enemy that you allow your troopers in the field with such an effective weapon. Please remove them from service and produce a written request form that the enemy may sign to approve the deployment of incendiary devices upon their person.
Yours Sincerely,
Gamer for Dignifed and Formal Use of Grenades
There is one important Thing you forgot. The M203 grenade must travel perhaps 20 meters before it arms and can explode. It makes it useless in CQB in RL.

Conclusion, Weapons in BF2 are FAR away from RL. It would be OK if they were not unbalanced. RL VS gameplay. And the main thing i dislike in BF2 are the invulnerable bomber.

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I hate:

Tks'ers for vehicles; most people who do tk crash/get blown up within a minute

people who revive you multiple times within 10 seconds, and dont bother to kill the person standing right in front of them who has been killing you before reviving you again.

people who waste their bombs on uncappable spawnpads rather than bombing vehicles/flags

how high the pilot has to aim for the gunner to get a TVBOMB shot on the Apache/HIND

people who use NOTHING BUT the n()()b t()()b; its in the game for a reason, but its a gun that its attached to, not a piece of wood; USE THE GUN TOO!!!

the difficulty and nearly impossible time required in which to recieve medals

you should be able to try out an unlock for a day or so and be able to "trad it in" for another one if you disslike it

you shouldn't be able to open your paraschute off a 2-story building; or even at all; as far as i know, snipers dont go around with parachues on their backs...
One Shot, One Kill
+4|6848|Canberra, Australia

Guruz wrote:

I have to say Load times. I'm not really bothered with anything else in bf2 like the darn endless loading screens and music.
I get "turned off" from the game's "atmosphere" during those breaks.

I mean - I understand that it has to check if the client files are unmodified and stuff, but don't the other games do that too, but MUCH quicker?
Yeah I totally agree.  The worst is when you start up bf2, select a server spend 5 mins loading the map and by the time you map loads, the game ends and another map needs to be loaded....

It just turns me off the game, then once you actually start playing and you come close to a dificult badge score, you get a message about problems with your connection and the game drops you....

they are the only things I really hate...

Instant Cereal wrote:

Most annoying to me: People who complain about "noob tubers" and other imperfections of fellow gamers to their subjective standards.
Mod from the Church of the Painful Truth
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I am beginning to love the whining about the n00b t00b. Makes me all warm and fuzzy to know that they are foaming at the mouth, cursing and chewing up the carpet every time I kill them.

New addition......having to run through a server in order to log in. This weekend, there must have been a problem with EA's account server and I couldn't even log-in to play singleplayer mode.

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