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eyesteponbabies wrote:

I'm keeping what I have and thats 1.4 original. I dont want some shitty patch screwing up my game. Until it comes out on , I'm not downloading shit.
Nikola Bathory
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I'll download and install it this evening, when I get home!!!
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Hey but why didnt published this patch ? Who is the guy what created it ? I dont believe in shit things like this what anyone knows from where the f*ck i came out.
I need that patch cause i cant join many servers, but i need too, know if it havent any virus, spyware, trojans or something like that, think about it.

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I downloaded patch off the page bit nothing happens when I run the patch??

all this talk of reinstalling the game means having to remap keys, joystick everytime. can't be bothered with that.

then theres post about copying BF2 folders or something like that. I'm not PC expert, all I want is to play dammit, not fart about with copying files, clearing registers and remapping the damn keys!!

someone please give straight forward answer to whats going on. been out of the game for a while due to new job and I come back to find this new patch
Hello Guys,

I had a GREAT problem with my bf2 because of a delayed write file problem, I decided to install the game in safe mode with all patches and I didn't have a problem since, so my advice is to install all games and patches in safe mode as some time windows programs can occasionally cuase insabillllllllllllll.

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Hello! How was everything decided?
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
Patch 1.4 added infantry only maps.

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