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ThePunisher_ITA_ wrote:

nickerdoo wrote:

so should i d/l the 1.4 patch or not, after reading all of ur posts i dont know what to do?
Yeah man... it can't be worse than 1.3 so go!!!

(In my case 1.4 has been a very very nice surprise!)
i agree, i d/l it today and i like it a lot better. although i cant tell the difference between some of the changes, but o well
and it only took me about 20 min. to d/l to, but that could also be from waiting a day or two to d/l it

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i like the patch but havent needed to complain about previous ones neither...never had to change my style of play

for the one who talked about tv missiles going through helis: this is because of lag, it has been on previous patches and its still in 1.4 because ping cant be removed, you just need to know how to aim to get a shot at other heli without going through it

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