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In this game we will reminiscence.

I will post a youtube link to the Billboard 100 top U.S. song for the posted year. Try to remember the music from that period. Post what song you think was the top song of the year. After you post, open the link and then explain your memory of the song/time period.

2000 :              

2010 :           

2012 :           

I am all that is MOD!

2000: Hit Me Baby One More Time

2010: Some Lil Wayne song

2012: Miley Cyrus

2016: Rihanna

I don't know the names of many pop songs, but those are my guesses for the artists

I'll freely admit I just clicked them.
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As did I because I didn't really understand the prompt. I only knew the 2010 and 2012 anyways. It seems a very difficult challenge, imo.

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