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Lots of white girls I know do
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever

SuperJail Warden wrote:

So the pitbull bit the owner on the arm. The owner tried to give up the dog to animal control. Animal control said they need to take the dog back to the animal shelter in Brooklyn they got it from. This raises the question: who buys a pitbull from a shelter? That is like adopting a black boy from juvenile detention.
So I haven't seen the dog in forever. They must have returned it and if that is the case the shelter put it to sleep. There are no third chances in this racket.

So I wanted to ask an important question related to dogs: do dogs go to heaven? Do all dogs go to heaven? Could my neighbor's dog theoretically be in hell?
The X stands for
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Was the dog a catholic?
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
Spring ants are here. I bought the yearly ant traps for them.

NYT posted an article praising ants for the hard work they do cleaning up the world of crumbs and food waste. I have to say I feel a little bad being the Obergruppenf├╝hrer of the ants in my place now.

Let Us Now Praise Tiny Ants

Don't, ants are great and all, but you don't want an infestation. I leave them alone in the wild. Used to encounter a lot of anthills along the archery trail.

My boot spiders take care of a lot of stragglers that make it into the house.

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