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wow. this is really something. i wonder how long will it take these things to become indistinguishable from real people.
if you open your mind too much your brain will fall out.
look up gpt-3. an incredibly sophisticated new generation of ordinary language machine learning. you can ask it to write you an essay or a film script in the voice of, say, elon musk, explaining to you the science of rocket propulsion. you can ask it to compose a poem in the style of pasternak. you can ask it to compose a german folk tale. it has enough data and enough deep learning about the form of these things to do a convincing job of it.

it's the closest we've come to a 'general' artificial intelligence thus far. it will even code websites or simple apps for you and give you the source code. all you have to do is describe what you want to it.

There are a few ways to type insert emoji in outlook and emoticons in Outlook if you want to insert a smiley face in an email or otherwise add some personality to your messages. On desktop versions of Microsoft Outlook, certain emoticons are automatically replaced with symbols when you type them using your keyboard. On web versions of Outlook, you can add emoji using a menu.
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The X stands for
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Do you have a fat gain diet?
Русский военный корабль, иди на хуй!
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Russian warship, go fuck yourself
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Wrong thread, you are looking for this one
Hi Everyone,
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Indeed, using a Spoiler (highlight to read):
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Every calendar year CBS Sports activities delivers collectively a panel of 7 analysts that rank where by they appear to be every Electric power-5 prepare stands throughout the landscape Spoiler (highlight to read):
[url=][/url]. As soon as becoming rated No. 23 again within 2019, Wisconsin Badgers intellect train Paul Chryst rose up 6 areas in direction of No. 17 inside the hottest installment composed presently. Chryst is in many cases dinged upon Individuals products of scores for the reason that he is made up of adopted the blueprint mounted forth via Barry Alvarez 30 decades back Spoiler (highlight to read):
[url=][/url], nevertheless around his 5 many years as mind teach at Wisconsin he includes experienced merely one particular year that did not outcome within just at minimal 10 wins, and incorporates received 4 of his 5 bowl appearances. The write-up claims that Chryst is: nother exceptional situation, a single inside of which on your own seem such as he under no circumstances having as considerably credit history as he justifies for what he finished at Wisconsin, however at the exact period, by yourself protect on your own from providing him far too substantially props. Within the stop, on your own attain a deserved location within just the final 20, still not the supreme 15, and that seems to be over directly. He 52-16 at Wisconsin and contains received 3 office titles in just 5 seasons, still your self nonetheless don just take the come to feel his application is upon the very same tier as Ohio Nation. Yourself aren even confident you area it up there with Penn Place. Until finally he breaks for the duration of with a convention identify, it tough towards picture he results in being a lot superior than this.On the lookout over the Substantial 10, Paul Chryst is the 6th most rated train inside the convention, with James Franklin (No. 9 over-all), Ryan Working day (No. 10 total), Jim Harbaugh (No. 12 all round), Kirk Ferentz (No. 14 all round), and PJ Fleck (No. 15 over-all) every landing within just entrance of him. Chryst will surely comprise a likelihood in direction of move forward his climb up the ratings with video games in opposition to Harbaugh, Ferentz, Fleck, and Brian Kelly (No. 5 in general) upon the program following calendar year. Your self can view the thorough scores No. 1 during No. 25 in this article and the scores in opposition to No. 26 in the direction of No. 65 below. Allow us notice the place your self consider Chryst must be rated beneath.   Poll  In which need to Chryst be rated?     Wisconsin basketball recruiting: James Graham pushes again conclusion day                          The star Nicolet wing was to begin with shifting in direction of devote upon Monday Spoiler (highlight to read):
[url=]Donte Burton Jersey[/url], nevertheless that includes altered.   Wisconsin soccer recruiting: Skyler Bell reactions and current scores     Wherever do the Badgers sit within just the heavy recruiting servicesratings currently that they include a WR upon board?

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[url=]QuickBooks error 15223[/url] generally occurs when you have not adequately downloaded the QB or payroll updates. The effective fix for QuickBooks error code 15223 is to checkmark the TLS 1.0 in the Internet Options window. Follow these steps, open the internet explorer, click Tools, select Internet Options, and click Advanced tab. Now under the settings menu, make sure only TLS 1.0 is marked and uncheck the boxes in front of TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2. Furthermore, to fix Spoiler (highlight to read):
[url=]QuickBooks error code 15223[/url], uninstall the QB application and then reinstall it in the Selective Startup mode. After that, download the latest QuickBooks update. If still, the issue exists, copy – regsvr32/s%systemroot%\system 32\softpub.dll and paste it in the Run dialogue box (press Windows+R keys to open it). Now click ok to register the files manually. Hopefully, you solved the error code 15223.

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