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it's the norm here to air dry clothes inside, up to winter when the temperatures drop too cold and damp for it to be feasible.

most people will air dry their clothes outside. you can even use the shade!

clothes driers are far worse for your your clothes' fabrics than sun.

it's obviously best to not launder your clothes at all, if you can. that's why i just bought a really fancy steamer.
We generally don't have ac in northern europe because it's unnecessary. Weather is mild about 10 months of the year. Last year we had a heatwave with temps being 37C+ for a few days and it was the first time in my life that I bought a ventilator. That's exceptional though.

In the south (greece, spain) I've noticed a lot of (older) houses are built in a way that they seem to remain cool inside regardless of the weather. Dunno how that works.

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I have a number of clothes that can't be put in the dryer. Racks and clotheslines make sense. And speaking for my Wash. neighborhood, I see them all over the place.

Americans being lazy, as dilbert puts it, in many circumstances feels more privilege-meme than reality. Long hours, multiple jobs, little vacation, all to afford very basic stuff that our elders had an easier time getting. But if we grumble about it we get slapped down as lazy or whiny.
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I've been to my fair share of estate sales. You really have to get there early on the first day to find anything, and even then, with the advent of the internet and popularity of those picking shows its hard to find value. All you see nowadays are people walking around looking up info on their phones.
Hipsters have a lot to answer for. Also I guess California doesn't really have a reservoir of 17th-19th century furniture.
Picking shows have a lot to answer for too.

Every niche enthusiast website in the world: "Picker-"I BOUGHT THIS NICHE DOODAD - TELL ME ITS WORTH MORE THAN I PAID FOR IT""
The rusty old gun/motorcycle/oil lamp you bought - its probably worth what you paid for it, quite a lot less more likely.
Funnily enough, I found an old cafe racer that I loved, but I couldn't find the time to restore it/get it working properly so i gave it away. I still want one though.
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