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SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
The news says wine is going to get cheaper since there is a glut of grapes this year. Of course prices for consumers will not change because the economy doesn't work like it says in economics textbooks.

But yeah, wine. Let's talk about wine. What kind of wine do you like? What brand? I am picking up wine after work. What red should I get?
chateauneuf is my go-to when i'm drinking red wine.

i'm a simple savignon drinker if having some white when out and about on a sunny day.

not overly into wine. very much of the school of 'it all tastes the same after the first bottle'. so long as it doesn't come in a carton.

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Not had a bad cleanskin yet.
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
Really looking forward to the wine bars coming back someday … ered_just/

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