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It's that time of year to file taxes. What tax software do you use? I don't mind buying a license.
living in a modern society, it is all automated and done for us and deducted from our salaries.

i use the mighty excel to keep track of my freelance self-reported earnings.
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i have to schlep to a CPA these days. Too much shit to account for. No more back taxes though, that's nice.
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I used to go back and forth between H&R and Turbo but was advised to use taxact or freetaxusa.
Have not tried those yet as I have yet to do my 2019's.
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Tax Slayer is slaying these days. My friend used to suggest this software every now and then so I tried it and find it quite good.
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yes, even i am using Tax Slayer. It is pretty good.
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Is Mac onto the meta of baiting bots? lmao. this AI thing is getting to the end game so much faster than I'd expected.
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SuperJail Warden
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I guess I will try Tax Slayer.

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