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Hello all.

Its been quite a while. Just had a random thought today to see if the site was still active. Not only that, managed to log in too. Probably won't frequent much but, man. Its only been 5 years since I was last here. Seems so much longer than that. Guess its all the mileage. Brings back a few memories.

Anyway. Hope those who are still here are doing okay. I don't see too much of anyone from the old BF2 days anymore. People dropping off through the various new games all the time. I'm lucky to see one or two on these days.

Anyway, just wanted to drop this line
War Man
Australians are hermaphrodites.
+562|5798|Purplicious Wisconsin
The irony of guns, is that they can save lives.
The X stands for
+1,753|5190|eXtreme to the maX
hello. your name has aged badly, hasn’t it? america now has yuuuuuuuuge bombs. you wouldn’t believe how big. MOABs? sad!

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