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How many unread e-mails do you have in your inbox right now?

0, of course42%42% - 3
1-100%0% - 0
11-500%0% - 0
51-1000%0% - 0
101-2500%0% - 0
251-5000%0% - 0
501-7500%0% - 0
751-100014%14% - 1
1000+42%42% - 3
Total: 7
The very model of a modern major general
+721|5204|United States of America
I was having this discussion with my brother because he has taken issue with the amount of unread e-mails I've never read or deleted or marked as read, so I became curious as to what other folk do.
SuperJail Warden
Over 2000 on one account and maybe 200 on my gmail. My problem is that I never bother deleting anything. If it's important I save it in a different folder. If it's not, I just ignore it.
Go Cougs!
+626|4810|Washington St.

Always make sure to check them as well as report all spam and 'unsubscribe' to promotional emails I've been signed up for.
I'm anal like that.
The very model of a modern major general
+721|5204|United States of America
I should say I do keep my work e-mails at 0, but we do only get 500 MB of space there. I do tend to keep a large amount of them (I think 7500+ total currently), but do at least mark them read. I find that disconnect between my work and personal Gmail accoutn mildly interesting.
Go Cougs!
+626|4810|Washington St.
work and personal are both at 0 unread.

I only have 7 total emails in my inbox in my personal account because I like to keep that clean too. If I get a few things sold on CL I'll be down to 4 and 2 of those are just reminders to me to do something.

Having a completely empty inbox is like taking an enormous shit. It feels great but you know it's only temporary.
I am all that is MOD!

work - 137 unread
gmail - 61 unread

still catching up on work after vacation
clean up my gmail once a week

Combining all the e-mail addresses I've accumulated over the years, 10,000+. Likely over 20k at one point.

Usually never more than 10 for work. To sort, I just drag by sender to their own folders. Mark the ads as read or delete, read the important stuff.

Work in the double digits

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