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Unfortunately yes, I've read every article you've linked (thank you for linking btw). 

Is the bank pursuing fraud charges or is an attorney with an agenda pursuing them?  Why is it a set of parishioners that is going after O'meara Sanders instead of the bank she allegedly defrauded?
The 'US Attorney' is part of the DOJ. So criminal penalties would be actionable by the govt.
I know the US Attorney is part of the DOJ.  The attorney representing the parishioners is not associated with the US Attorney's office.  Reading comprehension for fucks sake.  You're going to be a lawyer...make sure you understand what you read - it's just as important as being able to recall a court case.
i skimmed over it ok

The facts seem a bit murky, did the catholic church not get the money from the bank? If they did then they have no case.
I am all that is MOD!

it was a $6.5M loan along with a $3.5M promissary note of some sort.  The college was late on the dues from the promissary note, which led to a settlement between the college and the Diocese, and presumably the window for the parishioners to take action against the college.

But if the college knowingly provided fraudulent information to the bank to secure the loan, one would think the bank itself would pursue fraud charges against the college and specifically the officers involved. 

It's a really weird situation all around.  Kind of tragic too.
Yet the Feds are letting the Clinton Foundation off scot free.
Jesus, I can't believe that all of you nerds still come here to yell at each other after all these years.

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So much for Sander's political revolution. I can't believe people fell for that crap.
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Mac's still talking about Bernie huh? I leave for the weekend and nothing has changed.

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