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because, fuck me.

After installing MintOS, and having no fucking problem whatsoever using it, i'm learning that if i don't open the terminal and edit in vi i don't get my redwings or summit.

jesus wept, i want to understand linux and pass this cert but why is using on open source operating system so much like joining a gaming forum? isn't being an unbanned member of bf2s enough cross to bear, must i learn every goddam redirector of a GUI desktop that i'll never use?

send me your crib notes, cheat sheets, and vce's. i promise i'll learn to type and 'tune' my linux install to be one of the fifty-millionth distro independent, efficient, working, up-to-date installs ON THE FUCKING PLANET. you can ls -l my root if you don't believe me.

oh, and linux don't support shit, kiddies. just a PSA for you hipster wannabes that think because linux is free you can buy more PBR.

email ur reply ASAP

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Make a Linux system your main boot and do what you would normay do on a daily basis. (Or just do what I did put it on a spare laptop and use that).
You'll learn shit in no time.
Or start writing bash scripts to automate stuff you do all the time.

Linux is popular is more than just desktops. We've got two clusters and probably a dozen firewalls all running some sort. Nothing like updating fucking java on 12 cluster nodes or typing 'nano pf.conf' every hour to open up another subnet for some jamoke that wants access.

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