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(omitting plain cheese/sauce for obvious, also pepperoni)

Meats (sausage, bacon, beef, anchovies, chicken, ham)52%52% - 11
Veg (mushrooms, onions, peppers, olives, tomatoes)23%23% - 5
Random (artichoke hearts, spinach, pineapple, prosciutt19%19% - 4
EXTRA cheese (mozzarella, goat, provalone)4%4% - 1
Sauce = important (pesto, NO sauce, bbq, garlic/"white"0%0% - 0
Total: 21

Random for sure, for pineapple. The artichoke hearts and spinach mentioned are also good.
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
What do the local independent pizza places pizzas look like?

This is how they are made in NJ.

This is pizza hut. Dominoe's pizza looks the same.

The ones on top taste better.

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