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SuperJail Warden


SuperJail Warden wrote:

Ken did you just start a MBA class on executive leadership or are you an aspiring leadership coach?
no, but im thinking about going back to school for another undergraduate degree!
The second degree was free. It does look good to have an education in the areas you teach anyway.

I would hate to have been a Poli Sci graduate who works as supply chain management for a low end East Asian consumer tech company.
I am all that is MOD!

im not sure what your response is in reference to, but I was thinking about going back for my own fulfillment and quest for knowledge, and I'd be paying for it myself (at least for the most part).

I'm sure your denigration of my career and schooling is nothing more than you looking in the mirror at your own self-loathing.  I've been happy and feel #blessed that I can choose to educate myself in things I'm interested in.  If you weren't such a miserable cunt you'd probably feel the same.
SuperJail Warden
I thought you were making fun of me literally going back and getting a second undergraduate degree myself like 2 years ago for sort of the same reason. Whoops. I highly suggest you do that. It's actually pretty interesting though if mine wasn't free, I don't think I would have wasted time doing it. I would have just went for a MA if I had to pay for it.

What do you plan on studying?

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