RMFClan is a mature Multi-Gaming & FPS Clan & Community.   Always our #1 goal is to bring a fun environment to our members and guests. We host our own voice and gaming servers.   We have dozen's of games that we play and have multiple Squads(pro to semi-pro teams) throughout our ranks, while the majority of our Members are casual gamer's we do support and encourage competitive play.   On an average day our TeamSpeak 3 server has a minimum of 5-10 members roaming the channel's and looking for new people to socialize and game, as we are an RMF Family here and connections are a big priority for our Members.   Our Officer Staff are ready to answer any questions members or guests alike may have, as well as solve any issues or problems that may arise.   We hope that you enjoy visiting our website and will eventually join us on our TeamSpeak 3 Server to participate in our quest of bringing fun to the whole world through close nit gaming and comradery.
To know more please visit:
[url=http://rmfclan.com/]Gaming clan[/url]
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sounds fabulous - are there logos?

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