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Just started my computer up and iit came up with the "starting windows" black screen with the flag, then after that it was just black with the pointer only. I had my speakers plugged in and after the black loading screen there was a 'crackle' noise then the black screen with pointer showed up.

Restarted and unplugged the speakers cuz I thought I had some sort of weird short maybe in the sound port? Started up fine, working now.

Thoughts on wtf happened?

Edit: Forgot: Windows 7

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What happens if you plug the speakers in while it's on?  And what happens if you restart it again with and without the speakers plugged in?
Giggity Giggity
Well, I've done all that and it starts up and runs fine. One of these times I'll start it up with the speakers on again and see what happens, but its very weird.

I think it was probably luck of the draw because I looked this problem up. But it all seems that they had no luck getting it started up fine without repairing it or reinstalling windows back about 2010-11. So don't think this falls into that issue.

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