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If only there was this whole field of study dedicated to chronicling human civilization outside of WW2 that dilbert could get into, we could be spared some of the hot takes.

Someone should really get on that.
watch this video from the RNLI. … 71834?s=21

the home secretary has been demonizing this charity, a volunteer organisation who do extremely dangerous work with little funding. previously she demonized human rights lawyers who dared to represent dispossessed and vulnerable people (a knife-wielding maniac went to one of their offices following her outrageous denunciations of good legal practice). … ith-france
Channel deaths: Priti Patel disinvited to meeting with France

priti patel is a uniquely dislikable woman and it defies belief that she holds one of the great offices of state. evidently our neighbours can't bear to work with her or be around her sneering, condescending, rude attitude.

human rights groups and lawyers have been on her case for years. … ghts-rules
Priti Patel’s detention policies found to breach human rights rules … me-concern
Priti Patel's record on human rights prompts 'extreme concern' … back-plans
Priti Patel faces three legal challenges over refugee pushback plans

she is incapable of proposing meaningful policies, and instead exists to service the soundbite-friendly extreme tory media sphere. the worst sort of sub-sepoy.

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She seems to be very unlikeable, but the whole discussion about the channel migrants also kind of reminds me of the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border to be honest.

It's a complex topic. Even more so if we realise that there seems to be less and less public acceptance of migration to western europe in order to seek asylum.

Oh wow I don't think I've seen someone who was forced to resign from government for misconduct pop up in another cabinet position. That's pretty bad.

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