As a fan of Final Fantasy XIV game, we konw that In the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE of Final Fantasy XIV, the Game Director Yoshida has revealed that the upcoming Game Update 2.2, but, what's Final Fantasy XIV Game Update 2.2 Name.

    Yes, it will be coming is called “Through the Maelstrom”

    When the latest Final Fantasy game update next month fourteen hits, players will once again become a lot of new content, they can do alone or with friends. The original battle of the biggest complement the latest updates of Leviathan. In addition, the hard mode version of the two typical dungeon will also launch a new tomestones will provide greater trophy waiting place. Not to mention there is a file called "Amdapor ruins" of the new dungeons, more secrets has finally been lifted.

    For those who like to do Bahamut coil binding, Square Enix will introduce four to five new and nerfing five. The first five are the blood, it can be used on the liability instrument. That's what it is updated by the vortex know. We head near March, we should know more about the latest game updates will be what it is.

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Russian warship, go fuck yourself
+2,053|6677|Little Bentcock
Thanks I was wondering what it was called all day!
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
the new final fantasy looks great though

but someone will have to give me a ps4 to play it. i am not buying another console
Russian warship, go fuck yourself
+2,053|6677|Little Bentcock
Lol no

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