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I currently have this router setup in my house … ear+cg300d

but I want to install this one instead … er+premium

can I do this and is it as easy as just switching one for the other or do I need to call my ISP to give them the MAC address and stuff like that.

Thanks for any info/help
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sometimes you can switch. sometimes you have to call.

I switched modems literally two days ago and had to call. it was pretty harmless; they just asked what the MAC was and serial # and I waited 10 minutes and was good to go.

I've heard of people who just plug in the new one, wait a few minutes, then the get to that "gated internet" (or whatever its called) where you see the website that tells you you have to log in (or in your case send your modem info to your ISP).

Either way it's easy and you can probably do it right now depending on your time zone

the first one is a modem/router combobut the second one isn't a modem, so you would have to buy a modem if you were to buy the 2nd router
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isolate the modem from the first one and turn off the router capabilities? i dunno if that's possible, but yeah that wouldn't require any ISP calling.

good eye though haffey
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any time you switch a modem or eMTA or data/voice gateway out you have to contact your provider to see if the replacement you want to buy is on their approved list.  Certain service providers only do business with a handful of approved vendors.  That is, the suppliers into Comcast might not be the same group of suppliers for Charter, so a gateway/modem that is compatible with Charter service might not be compatible with Comcast service.
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i thought that was against the law. i thought if it was a device that turned their signal into a readable internet signal, then they had to let you use it.

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