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Mars War Logs takes place on the planet Mars, almost a century after the huge catastrophe that plunged the Red Planet and its colonies into chaos. Water is the most precious resource on the planet, and different corporations are fighting to gain control of it. In the midst of this ruthless struggle, you play Roy Temperance, an adventurer with many talents, and immerse yourself in an intense cyberpunk RPG set on the Red Planet.

You will complete numerous quests during the adventure, progress through the levels and develop your character and combat style selecting your specializations from the various skills, powers and talents available. You will need quick wits and smart tactics to cope with the combat in Mars real time, combating many ruthless adversaries, some of which are terrifying creatures lurking in the depths of the planet.

You can use the crafting system to create, modify and further specialize your equipment to stay one step ahead of your enemies. Your attitude in the dialogs, along with your choices and decisions, will influence the fate of all who cross your path… and maybe the destiny of the Martian colonies.

Anyone played this?  It's £15 on steam, looks good

Yeah, I mentioned this game in the aog chat thread. There are a few indie-ish issues like lip sync being far from perfect, but it does promise a complex, branching storyline. Haven't played it long enough to form a solid opinion, but I don't think it was a waste of my money.
There is.
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What sort of control-system is it?

Third-person RPG, WSAD layout. I assume they'll allow you to customize controls later, but for now it works perfectly with the Xbox 360 gamepad settings.

on youtube

e: melee combat's nice. you got your standard attacks, block-breaking attacks and blocking. some enemies seem to switch it up.

Yeah, I kind of got distracted by Far Cry 3: BD, completing that and then going back to Bioshock 3. But I do want to get to this right after...

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