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There is.
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Been made aware of this on Kickstarter, at the moment.

If anyone has played and loved Advance Wars on the Gameboy Advance or DS, like me, then you'll find this game pretty similar. Some gameplay videos are up explaining movement and combat, so far. It looks great and I'm looking forward to it.

I like the idea that games can be set up and have their turns saved on a master server, then taken whenever, instead of rushing it all out in an hour or so. This, paired with it being on tablets, would be awesome.

It's doing well so far - already reached it's goal. I'm most interested in the $250k stretch goal, adding tablet support.

If anyone's interested in backing it, let me know, cos a friend and I are interested in the 4-pack (which equates to $16.25 each, which includes the game (digital), extended manual, weapon's manual, soundtrack, access to dev forums and beta access) and you may be able to get in on that if I can't persuade two others to join in
arrivederci frog
Eurgh hex grid

I've got mixed feelings about this. It's kinda cool to see the old grid style done with good graphics, but at the same time the one-at-a-time turn-based stuff kind of tires me out after awhile. I prefer ones like Hearts of Iron 3 where it's all real-time until you pause.
There is.
+1,380|5302|Devon, England
I like the mechanic, but it might be nostalgia. I remember playing Advance Wars with friends, and just passing the Gameboy around in class to take turns
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It's cool looking and wouldn't mind playing it, but square-grids are better than hex-grids in my opinion. Wouldn't stop me from getting this game though.
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