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I havnt upgraded my desktop above xp pro yet and just got a laptop with windows 7 on it. i decided to download battlefield 3 off origin and check it out. Why in the hell do I have to launch the game from a web browser? sounds like its pretty resource consuming to me. I've never got the game to work yet, ill have to try again when decide to upgrade my desktop.

I also dislike the fact i got forced into using my origin screen name for my bf3 name. Seriously wtf has ea been thinking? It wouldnt suprise me if they make Bf4 to be like an overbalanced fish barrel like ps3 and xbox cod maps play.

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I've been playing the Beta version and some of the glitches are crazy.

I hope EA sort this out by the time the game releases.

They might even add a proper in game server browser. I'd hate to have to exit the whole game to switch servers.

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"coz you a far cry from acclaim nigga ubisoft"
Only thing that really worked was the demo part of it. I took the train. Then after that it all turned to shit.

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