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Howdy, tech section.

My old laptop just took it's last breath a few minutes ago. So I need a new one. Sadly I'm not the 1% like Jay and am low on cash. I can't even pay my yacht club dues. So I am looking for something that fits my needs for as cheap as possible.

Background: I like to play BF3 on the PS3 and don't plan to ever play A+ games again on computers since I'm not into that anymore. The only games I do play on the laptop are games made by Paradox. They are low resource games so I don't require an Alienware laptop to run them. The current game I'm sinking time into is Crusader King 2 and their next big game I am going to devout hundreds of hours to they say will have the same requirements as CK2. Here are CK2's requirements.
Windows XP/Vista/7, Intel® Pentium® IV 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500+, 2 GB RAM, 2 GB free hard drive space, NVIDIA® GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon® X1900 video card, Direct X-compatible sound card, DirectX 9, 3-button mouse, keyboard, speakers, Internet connection for multiplayer
Very low resource as you can see. So now you have some idea of what I will need and am in the market for.

Requirements: 15 or 17 inches and I have a bias towards bigger screens. Has to be able to be bought through either Newegg, Amazon, or Tigerdirect.

Every post gets a karma and the winner will get infinite love and maybe a dick photo. Thanks!
There is.
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Maybe you should throw a price out there just for people to aim around.

for as cheap as possible.
I guess that would range between somewhere like $0-750. With a extremely strong favor towards things that are nearer to $0. Very low budget I know but I'm not looking for something to show off at the yacht club. Just something new that lets me play my paradox games for as cheaply as I can.

Sorry to be difficult!


You'll have it for a while and won't be upgrading it so get what u can get, in your budget ... … 6834215662

i7 prob a waste of money

Consider maybe getting an ssd down he road

You should check out coscto if you have a membership ... comparable except they take back anything for two years no questions
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