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This looks pretty cool.

Project Glass is a research and development program by Google to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD).[2] Project Glass products would display information in smartphone-like format[3] hands-free and could interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands.[4] The prototype's functionality and minimalist appearance (aluminium strip with 2 nose pads) has been compared to Steve Mann's EyeTap.[5]

The operating system software used in the glasses will be Google's Android.[6]

Project Glass is being developed by Google X Lab,[7] which has worked on other futuristic technologies such as self-driving cars. The project was announced on Google+ by Babak Parviz, an electrical engineer who has also worked on putting displays into contact lenses; Steve Lee, a project manager and "geolocation specialist"; and Sebastian Thrun, who developed Udacity as well as worked on the self-driving car project.[8] Google has patented the design of Project Glass.[9]
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Been craving it for about a year now when it was first announced

I didn't ask for this.
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I just took the time to look through some reviews. My own impression is that Google has magnificently failed in the design department. Bluetooth was nearly as impoverished. Did it have to look horrendous? Was only slightly-bad not an option? This is why engineers should never design anything. Sure, it works, but I don't really care that it's just functional when I have to wear it on my face all day. A phone in my pocket is different story. A laptop is a different story. I don't want to pretend I'm Vegeta screaming for power levels on Goku all day...and the number of times I'll have to hear that joke is also not appealing.

I can't wait for the games of people yelling out "google glass take a picture" quickly followed by "google glass upload to facebook" at inopportune times. I'll be doing it each and every time I leave a public bathroom. Once people start changing the commands I'll wait to hear a person's commands should I see them again, and the process starts all over again. I'll also be mimicking your voice; voice recognition is hardly a barrier.
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+521|5818|Toronto | Canada

These are all prototypes. You're going to be able to get it attached to your existing glasses when they release it in the future and they're working with Warby Parker to make frames for the glasses when they come out... and they look like they make decent glasses from skimming the website.
There is.
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Looks cool.

I don't think I'll have a use for it, though.
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I find it to be like Siri - cool concept.  Call me when it's polished

polished? project glass?

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