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One of my co-workers asked me if there was a decent Dreamcast emulator, he has tried many and says they don't work at all or are buggy.  I know almost nothing in emulators and don't want to try them to find a decent one.  So I turn to you guys, Do any of you have a good Dreamcast emulator to download?   He really only wants to play Toy Commander and Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm.

Thanks in advance.

You can get Dreamcasts for under twenty-five bucks online. Sometimes for REALLY cheap at second-hand places like Goodwill. Draconis and Toy Commander are both four bucks. If I count what time is worth to me, then I think I'd be better off buying the real thing than wasting hours getting glitchy emulators to work.

e: plus you can use an actual Dreamcast controller without dicking around with trying to find an adapter.
There is.
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