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When I turn it on, nothing ever comes to video, not even the BIOS/post screens.  I've tried swapping his 9600GT with my old 8600GT and tried both DVI ports on both cards and still no difference.  He has no onboard for me to test with so I don't know if it's the PCI-e slot or not.

I'm assuming he either has a bad CPU or a bad motherboard.  It produces no beeps when it starts up and it'll go forever instead of shutting right back down so I'm thinking it's a bad motherboard
There is.
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Tried a different monitor?

Nevermind, no beeps.

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Dreads & Bergers
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Found a way to get it to work consistently I think.  You have to hold the reset button and then 1 LED on the mobo comes on, and then another comes on and then it boots up normally all of a sudden.  Done this twice in a row now, I think I might've wired the front-panel buttons wrong when I built this computer four years ago, lol.  Or more likely somebody broke them loose in the case and rewired them wrong because it had worked just fine up until now.

Edit: Well, I thought I had it.  Found a guide online saying that the HDD activity LED is polarity-specific so I reversed all of the pins the way they were plugged in so they were facing the other way(to make the pins happier if that makes sense, lol) and it was starting up normally every time and his HDD activity LED also works for the first time since the computer was built.  But then I unplugged the computer and plugged it back in to test something else and now it does the same thing again, you have to hold reset till it starts.  I guess that's how it's gonna have to be until he gets a new one unless anybody has any ideas.  Weak CMOS battery maybe, lol?

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Zee Ruskie
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you could try
1. resetting BIOS setup (remove/replace the battery).
2. reflashing the BIOS.
3. it could be faulty PSU. if you have a spare one - try it.

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