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Turns out you were cucked
+2,036|5262|Little Bentcock
Mortar medal: kills 300->150
Claymore medal: kills: 300->150
Laser Designator medal: designations: 300->150
Melee medal: ribbons: 30->20
PDW medal: ribbons: 50->30
Handgun medal: ribbons: 50->30
Sniper medal: l: ribbons: 50->30
MVP1/2/3 medal: ribbons: 50->30
Transport warfare medal: ribbons: 30->10
Air warfare medal: ribbons: 30->20
Mcom attacker: ribbons: 30->10
Maintenance medal: ribbons: 50->30
Squad DM medal: ribbons: 50->20
Squad rush medal: ribbons: 50->20
TDM medal: ribbons:50->30
Surveillance Medal: ribbons: 50->30

Oh and you won't get points for the ones you may have just gotten. Or receive point retroactively.
+572|5298|BC, Canada
Lol. Must be ttrying to get the blops crowd back.

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