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Class Action suit against PunkBuster for Incompetence.

I’d like to see a Class Action Lawsuit filed against PB, EA, and DICE.  If someone wants to find a good lawyer that can find grounds to file suit I’d help pay.  It’s pretty clear that PB has failed to do much more than wave a wet noodle at the hacking community.  Their incompetence is ruining game play.  ‘That’ site is still up and running making tons of cash selling hacks. 

If it is true that EA refuses to give them code so they could more effectively check for hackers then they should be brought into the suit too.  Most important part of the investigation would be to just get the initial charges heard, documents handed over, and depositions started.   In those documents you’ll find their knowledge of the problem and their unwillingness and/or incompetence dealing with it.

If you start a class action suit I’ll throw the lawyer $100 to file and $200 if he gets PB to turn over there communications showing they know they are incompetent and $500 if he gets it into the court. 

You get 1000 people and the lawyers could hound PB into action.
don't let money change you
Start the same thing against Microsoft. They make it possible for hackers to hack your computer, they made it possible for virus writers to be effective and they do nothing against it.

In other words you're trying to start something useless.

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