This project is very interesting !
It allow you to listen to music and to discover artists you didnt know in your favorite music theme.

Actually i listen to a Deep Purple based playlist ! nice !

And all this is legal (of course !)
Pump-Action Pimp
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Very nice, I typed in AC/DC and it came up with a song
Very nice. Too bad its only free for 10 hours... We need a cracked version

Rofl! I typed in Edwin Starr

And it came p with his song "War" So many good memories with that song!

WAR! What is it good for!? Absolutly NOTHING!

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The Forum Alien
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lol thats ok
Edwin Starr ... BFvietnam ...a long time ago in a galaxy far far away !

Dont try a playlist based on The Corrs ! u'll have an awfull-teenager-US-pop-music !

Else site looks good. I think it can be cracked with a cookie cleaning, i'm not sure, but i'll try when i'll be out of time.
Get C4, here!

kind of like ocremix, only for real music ;D is for game music... most of it is done by amateurs, and some is pretty damned good.
Kilroy Is Here!
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I've neem a Pandora paid user for over a month now and I like it quite a bit. Have 3 stations trained so far. Very cool service. It free initially so give it a try and if you like it, buy the service. Not expensive at all.

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