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Papa Smurf 314 wrote:

hey, it's better for me now, lol, i only have like 9 hrs. as a commander so i can work alot on this now
I'm with ya on that one, I want more as a commander, less in the death department. I am an EXPERT in the death department.
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(HUN)Rudebwoy wrote:

The Commander's real power is not the commander objects (UAv , Satallite, etc...), but the ability to oversee the whole battlefield.

One of my favorite kits is Spec Ops.  I have noticed a major change in my tactic from "pre-command" to "post-command".  Before I had ever been commander, step one was to run for the arties.  That's what I saw raining down on my head... that's what I saw posting kills.  After that, if I could get resupplied, UAV, then Scan.

Since commander: Scan, UAV, then artie.   My kill order for commander assets has completely reversed.

I've found that Scan is my #1 most valuable tool for that full-battlefield overview...  and of course without it, my UAV and artie usage is FAR less effective.

Now if only EA/Dice would implement some DECENT mic support, I can be even MORE effective.
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Personally, I really like commanding but I have noticed the position open a lot recently.I guess people think the kills don't count.Only got 1'000 or so command points to go for my expert badge.Always happy to fill the void.
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I have seen a sharp decline in the fight for the commander role, but until last night I had no idea why.  Last night I played a smaller map with only 32 people.  Nobody was commander, but I didn't notice that until I had nearly 50 points (very early in the game, too.)  When I became commander, poof! All of my points were schredded down to the average of team points (12).  After I saw the error in my decision, I resigned, but was stuck with my feeble 12 points instead of the 50 I came in with.
What i noticed bein a commander.... U get flag points now. I went to a flag first and got points for turning it. It wasn't like that before. So i am Commanding and playing at the same time. U just have to stop a sec when it is clear and drop a UAV and command some squads around with some supply box's. It isn't that hard to multitask. U get hella points playing both. This way my K/D is WAY higher. I have UAV right in the action and u know when and where to drop em. Being in the middle of the fight helps ur troops as u know what and where to put em.

When I am lazy, i just sit back and stay on top of the other team. My arty kills go toward my overall. So i sit back and defend the main if it is capable or the hottest post for capture. I make sure i play on team oriented server too. If i get poor teamwork from the server, i find other servers that are team oriented. I find it more fun to come back to non oriented teamplay servers when i am not commanding and beat the snot out of em. There are n00bs playin there.

I quit commanding for now unless my clan needs me for scannin jets and droppin them supplies. I am working toward a medal   100 hours each of command, squad leader, and squad member. I am close

My ingame name is nmmav

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