What follows is a list of all the BF2S EU server administrators. The list is here in case you need to contact an admin about a serious issue, in case you have a specific question and so that you know who the admins are.

If you need to contact us urgently, we will be available on VoIP. You will also probably be able to find us in game. Please use Private Messages via the forums as a last resort. Additionally, most of us have Xfire, you will be able to find us there too.

If you feel you have been falsely banned or want to voice admin complaints, please use this topic. Before doing this, you may want to refresh your self on the rules. If you are planning to contact an admin with a question, please read the F.A.Q first.

For those who plan to send 100's of PM's per day, complaining about cheaters, glitchers, padders, teamkillers, etc. Please keep in mind that you need to provide evidence of the actual violation. We cannot be everywhere, and if you cannot deliver the evidence yourself, your PM will be promptly deleted.
Whatever the circumstances, BF2S.com EU Server admin staff will have the last word when it comes to deciding whether a violation has occurred or not. Deal with it.

The list of admins is as follows:

Uber Admin
B.SchussHead Admins De_Jappe LiquidatorAdministrators Alpha (has also access to the i3d control panel) Echo (has also access to the i3d control panel) Idlewild Legionair Mike Negerkungen Noobest TeekIntermediates Bernadictus Damien Donfck Ghetto Icycoldkidd Il_Postino Jenspm K30 Klngspre Kmjnhb Messmessmess17 Playersven Victor.uk Winegum Peacekeeper Bornas_Specops Covenant Dauntless Freezeburn M3Z Surgeon
Oldies (retired)Administrators
  • Chuy
  • Goldman
  • Slayer
  • Superfly
  • Thedude
  • Varegg
  • Jahmanred
  • Anarky

Furthermore, all forum staff have full server administration rights to the EU server, but since most of them hail from overseas, the ones listed above should be the first to contact.

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