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im at my cousins for the week and i havnt played bf2.  its pretty annoying.  im sure some of you know what it feels like.  how long has anyone elso gone without bf2.  it fukin sux.
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+32|5838|Wherever the F**k i feel like
u think thats bad im visiting relatives for the next 2 months w/o bf2
Me Gusta Karma Mucho
+49|5671|Leftern America
6 months. i had to steal my brothers disc to play. i felt like a crack addict trying to quit
¦Tactics Øver Principles¦
3 weeks I think, my comp messed up for a while.
Gotta house sit my Mothers place from Sunday to BF during that time.  Argh.

Party at my mothers house though! WOOOOOOOO!
+12|5801|New Zealand, CHCH
maybe  a week?

i play at net cafes so therees never a shortage of ownage

haha that rhymes!
I.M.I Militant
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+297|5844|Melbourne, Australia
iv play once a week at a lan cafe and have been since november 05 i have not missed out on my once a week rapage even through the chrissy holidays an shit after christmas i got so addicted i spent all my money goin twice a week i look back on it an think... damn i wish i had more money ... that way i coulda gone more!! *SCRATCHES NECK WILDLY* man i need my fix!!! tommorow im goin to be playing *walks off talkin to self about owning it up*

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