I'll take two
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My mega ultra happy 0.64 stands as a testament to my days as spec ops in karkand on less than a thousand points, and my stubborn will to play a crap map in the rotation (im staring right at cleansweep, oman and maashtur), but now i try to go cautiously, and still nothing

Any tips, and please dont just say Dont Die
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Tank Whoring,base rape bombing or commanding seems to be how most people do it.Staying with your squad is a good idea also.Don't feel bad mines not to hot either.

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I'll take two
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Yeah, but yours is above 1. Im not looking to get one of 51:1, just to get mine into the respectable zone
Level 13.5 BF2S Ninja Penguin Sensei

once 'gain, it was much easier before 1.03, where arty hits counted. even if you don't get the points, you get the kills.

another thing, fly a chopper. the only times you'll probably die in a chopper is because of another enemy chopper, or a clumsy crash into trees. planes rarely have enough time to shoot you after your CM's are out, and stingers are subject to a TV missile every time they lock on.
noob on tour
Mine was 0.7 at the beginning of the week, now it´s around 0.9.
I tried sniping quite often this week as if you don´t play too dumb you normally get at least 2-3 kills before someone knives you. And about knivers from behind: Find a good spot for sniping whit some grass. Place at least one of your clymores right behind you so it´s hidden in the grass right behind your feet. If someone comes trying he usually tries a direct aproach on your feet running directly into you claymore warning you to find a new spot.
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i found my ratio got better once i stopped caring what my kills/deaths were and merely focused on getting the squad coordinated and towards capping points.  mine isn't that hot either, but it got better when i stopped caring how many kills i had.  dunno if that would help.  remember, having a good ratio doesn't necessarily mean anything anyway, one of my roommates who always plays with me and ALWAYS assists me in things tends to die a lot more, but it doesn't make him any less fact i'd have to contribute a lot of my success to him.  ok, i think i rambled on enough.  more or less don't worry bout it.
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That easy

Play smart. Don't be RAMBO style. Stay in squad and call for medic when you are wounded. Think at what you're doing. Don't stay in compromised position, always move to have the advantage. Don't be the first on attack, maybe second or third.

Very important, select the kit depending the combat situation on the field.

Like [CPD]588 stop caring what my kills/deaths, Don't think about kill, think about to take the advantage.

If you can't make a better ratio with that you should try an another gamer.

Cut Throat
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wats mine, just posting to look at sig coz im lazy

EDIT: there we go 1.3 and it hasnt updates so should be 1.31+

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Wake w/G36C... that shit is insane... most maps i have at least 8-0 with it before my first death. Usually finish with over 30 kills, and less than half deaths.

My stats are a little broken from hard ranking though.. gotta fix em
Bringing Sexy Back
If you ever find yourself on Wake or something and China has 1 - 2 flags left you and a mate who you can talk to over the mic HAVE TO jump in a black hawk get on the MG circle the flag and let rip. We did this several times on the "beach" flag switching places and getting between 7 and 11 kills before we where shot down, I suppose some people say it could amount to spawn raping but then again most ways of gettin good k/d ratio annoy people like some of the above.
Cut Throat
+-1|6725|Gold Coast,Australia
omfg dao <3 i was just 18-2 on sharqi with my newly unlocked dao, i wish i hadda unlocked it first!
mine arnt very hot so yeah dont laugh
Learn how to fly jets.
I got mine up through helicopters.  Granted, I know the pilot very well (we were in a clan together as helo pilot/gunner), so gunning for him was awesome, that and the fact I am a very good gunner (not giving myself a big head, just a little plug lol).  It also helped that we were on our clan ranked server most of the time and could have easier access to the helos.

My advice is simple:  Forget it.  If players are judging you based on K/D ratio, screw them.  Pick something you are good at and enjoy, and play it.  I did very well my first few months of playing as a medic - I had countless people tell me that I was good and played my "position" as a medic well, and I would go through many rounds dying 10-15 times and getting maybe 5 kills, but healing/reviving many, many teammates, and end up second or third with alot of points from these.  Trust me - play with smart people, and screw the rest, and you will be appreciated.  Recently, I have begun to take on sniping as a new hobby (having pretty much gotten my fill of medic and Anti-tank lately), and I have been doing very well with that, too.

Not to sound cliche, but I have been doing what I enjoy doing and I have been playing well with it.  Don't stress - just enjoy the game.

For all the good that the stat tracking is doing and however cool it is, once in a while I miss the good ol' BF1942 days where each round was anew and players played to play, not to bring up their stats.
sniping always helps me, i always get good k/d ratios as a sniper. don't go head on into uncertain territory, i always pop out a grenade or smoke bomb first if i'm not sure of an area. if you are at less than 50% health get first aid, when i play as a medic i always see people on the verge of death run into heavy battle without even thinking of getting help. don't take on more people then u can handle.
playing with a good team, especially ones with good medics and commanders' that drop supplies, is always a plus.
be a sniper if your good at it i mean. quick kills and sort of hard to notic where its coming from.
Aussie Outlaw
Snipers are worthless.. they rarely have over 15 kills in a round and dont take flags. Take whores are weak as piss, but at least they take down enemies tickets and sometimes cap flags.
Get your body beat.
i like my ratio
I sometimes play sniper, but I also take flags. My kill/death is on the verge of meeting up... but it's a game when all said and done.

DeltaForceWarrior, "playing with a good team, especially ones with good medics and commanders' that drop supplies, is always a plus."

Probably the best way if you're not into, 'spawn camping, base raping, plundering and pillaging' or like me, 'jets' are* a no no

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Die less and kill more.  Snipers are useless.

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Greenie_Beazinie wrote:

Snipers are worthless.. they rarely have over 15 kills in a round and dont take flags. Take whores are weak as piss, but at least they take down enemies tickets and sometimes cap flags.
I got 25 kills my first game with the M95 on Clean Sweep. From what I have seen a good sniper usually outdoes most people on the server in kills, kills not points.
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DEFEND FLAGS!!!!! I started out with a k/d ratio of .24.It has gradually increased and now its an 1.15.Lace flags with c4 and hide.It doesnt work for all flags so choose your location wisely.I'm usually the only one left defending but i can get 3-6 kills per death if i can take out an apc and a jeep full of enemies.Also get into a tank or an apc whenever you can find one about.It's silly not to use armour because someone bitches about tank whoring or whatever.You dont like it go play on a 24/7 karkand no tank/apc server and stop your crying.Also learning to fly an attack chopper or a jet will dramatically improve your k/d ratio.Main thing is also when you are on the ground like people have already said dont run blindly into the fray.Be patient and wait for backup.Lone wolves always end up dying at innoportune moments and if they had been in a squad would have been revived.I only play lone wolf when im in a jet,but usually im in a squad.BTW I see nothing wrong with sniping if thats your thing my only observation is you must pay attention to your tickets and flags.It may be leftup to you to get a flag back.Dont hesitate to help your team whenever you can.
I help mine with some good occasional tank whoring rounds (especially on a server populated by noobish folks) and with some judicious sniping.  I just started playing the sniping kit, and on certain maps, I can go the whole round without getting killed.  On my clan's server, things tend to be fairly competitive (we're always killin each other and laughing about it on TS), so I have gone to various 'pub' servers to get some badges. 

Although I have just started playing as a sniper, I think they can be quite effective.  I have been able to spot armor or helo's for my teammates to take out.  I don't get very many points, but I usually get 8/1 K/D ratios when I play as sniper.  Plus, it's FUN to take a guy out with a headshot.

Enjoy yourself.
Most definately.  Whoever says snipers are useless has obviously been killed by alot of them or can't master the "tricks of the trade" for sniping.  Snipers are very good helping to clean large groups of infantry, or damaging them and making them easy pickings for anyone with any weapon, and they are also quite handy against enemy snipers so you arent getting headshotted every 30 seconds.

Just do what you enjoy doing and stick with it, eventually things will turn around as you get better and better at it.
yeah the best thing is to form a squad with some medics and stay close to them. Being squad leader is maybe better so everyone spawns at your place so you will always be close to your group. The closer you are to some friends the more change you got that you will be revived. And also stay covered and behind some others and dont go in the open zone because you will be shot first and less change of reviving. My kill death ratio is 1.79 and i (almost) never use tanks or jets or choppers

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