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I know for sure that this has been posted before, but after an hour of searching, I gave up.
Where are the ogg files of the menu music etc hidden? I've tried searching, but it doesn't search all the zip files too, and considering there are more than 20 of them, I don't want to spend another hour wasting away looking for it.
Can somebody please gimme answers?
common client its a zip file, in bf2 mods area thingy
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Sound/Menu/music.  If you want music for rebels, spetnaz, etc. you will have to look under the common client for under mods/xpack.  While you are looking I recommend listening to the spotted message for the wheelbarrow (I have a link where you can hear it in my sig).

I can't find the menu music but I remember seeing it before.

EDIT: Typos, I hate this keyboard.

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mostly afk
+480|4999|CH/BR - in UK

lol - thanx!
+1 for both of you

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