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Recently it has come to my Attention that Clan is NOT considered a Clan if it does not have a website and or a Server to rule over....

            But is it possible for a group of friends to make a clan with out a website....
                       Would you still consider it a clan if it does not have a server...
                               I mean...they act like a clan cause their always running together...and they
                               Have the same prefix...and try to rule over which ever server they play on..

You tell me.....IS IT A CLAN???  Do you consider it a CLAN?

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It only matters if U consider it a clan.

rustynutz wrote:

It only matters if U consider it a clan.
(sounds like my clan)

Hey, as long as you're having fun with a group of people that you enjoy spending time with.

I could not ever ask for a better clan than DER . . it's all about the people.
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If you look up the word "clan" in the dictionary, the third meaning states "A large group of relatives, friends, or associates."  They don't HAVE to have a website nor server to be considered a clan.  Hey bro, some people simply can't afford it.  Now, the majority of clans without a website or server are probably going to be run by a 14 year old who decided that a being a clan leader is just the cool thing to do.  Now, they will never be well known, and will probably only have 5-6 members, but hey, they are still considered a clan.  Like Omega said, as long as your having a good time with the other guys, thats all what matters.
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i consider a clan a clan, if they match and have practices.  If you have a Server and a website, and you dont match i consider you a community. because thats what you would be.  A community of friends playing the same game, in someway a clan could be considered a community. but a clan is a bit more competetive i would say... thats just my opinion. think what you want
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A clan is just a group of guys who play together, period.

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... Or girls 

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o0flowerfairy0o wrote:

... Or girls 
Whoops! Sorry fairy (how foolish of me)! .............and girls too

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Yeah my clan got started up because my real life friend and I just wanted to play together and have some fun. We used public TS's and no website or sever (we still don't have a sever). We grew pretty quick but had the same start as what you are talking about. Besides there is no "this is a clan, that isnt" rule so I say have fun in your clan!
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I mean I suppose you could have a clan and not have a website, but it would be pretty difficult to keep orgainized.  You at least need something like Yahoo! groups at minumum.

If you really need a website you can always find free or cheap web hosting on the net.
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Well, me and my friends made a "clan" called TC.  It stands for Team Cool.  We don't go into any leagues or scrims, we are just guys who play together for fun and team work.  Two of the guys are at 2600 and 600 points so we are all for fun and me and my bud are just trying to help them get into bf2 as we consider our selfs better than average players.  Eventually we will all enter a clan though, but we consider our selfs a clan because we are all good friends and do otherthings together like play sports and go to parties and stuff.
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Well, I dont like Clans.. Thats why i started THE BAR!

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