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you guys do an excellent job with ubar.. and well just everything on this site. one thing id like to know is how long do you actually have to play to get the middle east and far east service ribbons.. i know there cheap awards but i kinda want em and would like to know how to get them.. if anyone knows..
What about updating the ribbons, badges, and medals or are they already as accurate as possible
+3|5830|Cali, USA
Thanx !!!
Sniping with the pistol...

chuyskywalker wrote:

Whitegreek wrote:

Nice work, Myabe someone should get to work on a UBAR for maps, I'd put my hand up for that one!
I take submission via email -- Word, RTF, heck, I'll take notepad if you got it

Seriously though, if you are interested, I'd rather have one map done really well (strats, screen shots, differences betwen 16/32/64, etc) than all the maps done poorly.
I've done one map for you, I'll do another few tonight. Hopefulyl I'll get able to get screenshots and tactial media soon. I e-mailed you via the forums (not the PM system) if you get it just reply to me and I'll send it. I couldn't send it over the forums e-mail system.

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