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I have been forced on occasion to play as an anti-tiank dude during my travels through BF2.  Many have been the time that I have put two to three missiles into the side of a tank or an APC and just ticked off the driver and resulted in me getting his undivided attention which is never a good thing.  Then some guy throws a grenade or they take a single 25mm cannon shell from someone else and presto no points for you and more for the armor whores. 

What I would like to see is team points given to the anti-tank player for hits on enemy occupied vehicles.  How about 1 point for a hit on a tank or an APC's and .5 points for hits on transports or FAV's with any halfpoints rounded up to the next whole number at the end of the round.

I think that this would make the anti-tank kit a bit more rewarding to play and yet at the same time not make it a super-kit that skews the game unfairly like I feel it is unfairly skewed "against" the Anti-tank kit now.

Posted with pride in the U.S. of A. by Pup_0311
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I think this is a very good idea. I never play Anti-tank because it seems high point rounds just don't happen with that kit.
+116|5073|Cherry Pie
Yeah, that is a good idea.  Actually though it is possible to do good in any kit.  I just recently compeleted all of my vet badges for the kits and had no problem making my spm go up with any kit.  I will admit it is more challenging though with anti-tank.  HOWEVER, you can actually destroy tanks!  Try destroying a tank with an assault kit...  So the anti-tank kit has a HUGE advantage I think.
Anti-tank is my most used kit (about 60 hours) and I agree, it isn't the highest scoring kit. I picked up spec ops recently mainly because of this, and also in my opinion C4 is more fun than rockets. I think anti-tank could really use a boost, and I like your idea about points for every hit.
Capt. Foley
+155|5037|Allentown, PA, USA
.5 isnt exatly possible in bf2
i think destroying a tank APC or mobile AA should give u 2 points + the points for killing driver and passenger
and also i think that doing more then 50% damage 2 a viechal that is later destroyed by someone else should give u 2 points instead of 1

but this isnt gonna happen
1.3 is the last patch that is going 2 be put out i saw somewhere and they arent gonna add anything besides
viechal drops and co-op mode
Raiders of the Lost Bear

2 shots aimed properly takes out armor/APC.

The rocket is the new n00b tube.

I now have a new battlecry after rocketing infantry.

APC whore
My clan runs a 44 player 24/7 Karkand 32 player sized map and I'm known in the clan to be the armor whore.

My opinion on AT kits? annoying, that's all. Though 2-3 hits by a few AT guys will take me down, unfortunately there never seems to be a group of them, allowing me to repair before the next one comes back.

I'm more afraid of the Spec Ops guys than the AT guys.
You could make it that enemy armor disentigrates after just pointing your rocket launcher at it and people will still play Support and Assault on Kark. I once, and only once, saw how quickly coordinated AT guys could shut down Kark. I left the server after about 10 minutes.
I'd agree that the AT rocket needs a bit of a boost. 

I like playing as AT, but it's very frustrating to be so ineffective against enemy armour.  Yes, if you're in the right place and hit very accurately, you can take out a tank with two rockets, but most of the time it'll take three or even four, and given the glacial reload time and your tiny ammo count, it seems a little unfair.

The big problem about this is that it means that those who *are* playing AT won't actually go hunting tanks.  Sure, you might knock a lump off a tank if he happens to drive past you, but there's little reward to actively hunting them down.  I find that my rockets are usually much better used for taking out light vehicles.  Transpots can usually be taken out with a single shot, and you can often pick up two or three kills for your troubles.  Alternatively, on really tight maps like Karkand, you can run about using just the DAO-12 for infantry killing, which is effective and amusing.

It'd be nice to see some sort of incentive for AT troopers to go out and try killing armour.  A point per hit might be fair (only against "armour", i.e. tanks and APC's).  Plus, it doesn't seem to unfair to get a bigger reward for taking out that one guy in a tank to taking out a dude on foot.
I think you should stop moaning and get some skills and learn how to blow tanks and APCs with your shots.
.5 points for hitting armour with a AT next you will want 5 points for reviving commander or .2 points for hitting the UAV with a tank shell........
ATG's First Disciple
+263|5073|Birmingham, UK
This is a pretty good idea, and if you'd want to hold a petition, if any problems are found with it and sorted, I'd sign up!
Give AT grenades and I'll be happy. Or more rockets....

Hell give me 15 rockets and no machine gun and I'll be happy.

Either way, I almost have my 100 hours so I am on my way to never play AT again.....

Where there is no teamwork......AT is no good. As mentioned above, 3 in a squad is deadly, one running around by himself is annoying.
I hate to rain on anyones parade but if you got points for just hitting a tank. And that tank was next to a supply drop/engineer vehicle, then you could pad like a mad man and it would be annoying for those of us that try to get medals as groundpounders out for kills.

But I fully agree that the AT kit is underpriveledged. I think that if you got 2 team points for killing armor as infantry it would make things more fair to AT kits in terms of score.

I know it sucks to have tanks steal your kills but I don't think hits alone should warrant points. If you are very sneaky, the alleys are all you need to land consistent hits on tanks on maps like Karkand. I think if you keep it up, you will definitely get credit for some tank kills, and if they were worth more, that would give you a fair score.

This boost would not apply when vehicles kill vehicles. I think it would be fair for the boost to apply to all infantry including spec ops and engineer as well.  Otherwise isn't there sort of an incentive to just avoid armor and let it own your teammates? (Although I personally think C4ing tanks could be the most satisfying activity in BF2)
+129|5031|Eastern USA

Capt. Foley wrote:

.5 isnt exatly possible in bf2
i think destroying a tank APC or mobile AA should give u 2 points + the points for killing driver and passenger
and also i think that doing more then 50% damage 2 a viechal that is later destroyed by someone else should give u 2 points instead of 1
I agree 100%
Got His War On
+37|5223|Golden, CO
I agree with more points for armor, but I'd be surprised if it happened.
Im Ron Burgundy?
Anti Tank = 1337 against attack and transport you can shoot out pilots with them.....
Mass Media Casualty

I like playing AT every now and then. One of the more satisfying things in the game is exploding a veichle wth an AT rocket, especially if it's moving and you curve around the roccket just right and hit it in the backside.
It is tough, but I suppose it's a bit like Sniping, be at the right place at the right time, conceal yourself and aim for the right spot.
[Blinking eyes thing]
Capt. Foley
+155|5037|Allentown, PA, USA
screw wat i said before
4 frag grenades and 1 smoke grenade and AT will be equal
learn when 2 shoot and u wont have a problem
u guys think u can fire off all 6 missles constanly and still get the kill then complain about no missles
The Cap'n Can Make it Hap'n
Yeah I have the same problem with the AT but it is fine the way it is. Main problem is when you get to engineers palling around together it takes forever to kill them, if they made the reload time faster it would be a more usefull kit. Then there's allways the lag between serverly hurting then killing, which always gives the driver a chance to hop out and run away.

One tow and one AT will kill anything.
The New Johnnie Cochran
Well, actually, with the TOW, you don't need any AT at all if your a good shot. 1 TOW missile is all it takes to kill a full health tank.
The Cap'n Can Make it Hap'n
Looked at the help site and I haven't been able to find that point

polarbearz wrote:

2 shots aimed properly takes out armor/APC.

The rocket is the new n00b tube.

I now have a new battlecry after rocketing infantry.

I see you love shooting infantry with nerf missiles too. Especially guys sprinting in the sand half-way across Oman...

While my warcry usually involves yelling WATER COOLERS over VOIP, yours is remarkably similar to:


But really, rockets do own armor if you know where to hit. That being said, modern tanks are really more difficult to blow up than their WW2 cousins. People should be glad they can get kills at all, instead of just "disablement teampoints."

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i recokon u should get 2 team points (plus kill points) for taking out a tank or APCand you should get kill damage assist if you land just 1 hit on it cause i have played karkand  a couple of times and all the AT guy want to be the last to fire so they get the points, then every1 gets owned while the AT guys fight it out over who gets the kill.
I like playing AT cause it feels great to blow up a tank and then unload the DAO on 2 guys but it is severly unrewarding. the only time i really shoot tanks is when they see me or im on my own cause ATing a footsoldier is far easier and you get more points for the time you take + its less likly that youll be killed in the process.
Thats just my 2cents anyways

cpt.fass1 wrote:

Looked at the help site and I haven't been able to find that point
TOW.  Tank threads.  Front.

TOW.  Tank underbelly center.  Gotta time the angle, but plenty of maps/places you can do this.

Regarding AT, yeah, I can't count the times I've tried being the stupid lone AT hero trying to keep a tank from capping a flag.  Play cat and mouse, and someone else shows up and takes the kill.

Last edited by Ilocano (2006-04-26 16:04:27)

PKM Whore
+16|5084|Prolly on wake.
I sux at this kit so I guess I agree with the OP. To me the guns suck, and the Rocket is only useful against infantry. HOWEVER, I have run up against MANY a player who use this kit and use it very well, they hop around like 1.2 never hit and take out guys with PKM's blasting away at them. They seem to have some kind of aim bot to always hit the weakest points on a tank or apc. I guess it is a kit that just requires alot of practice, or the right type of player to be effective.

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