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Does anyone knwo whereto get a descent barebone kit? The only place i know of is Tiger Direct. I don't need a OS. If there arent any descent barebones I guess I would just have to build my own so, what are some descent non sli/crossfire boards? When I descide to buy my system I don't want to spend that much on a computer and having only one Vid card can help with not having A high price tag. All the ones that I have seen dont have all the option comparable to SLI/Crossfire Boards. And overclocking is not and issue but I want the other bells and whistles like RAID 0......
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You can try here too.

You can always have one vid card and purchase anohter one in the furture.  They are always coming down in price, and the SLI boards are pretty much the same price as the agp ones.  Might as well pick up the SLI.

I built a 6800 and 7800 sli system.  THe 6800 runs bf2 without any problems and will not break the bank.  I friend built a 1 card SLI system (He will upgrade soon), and his scores are threw the roof.

MSI Board … ode=241167

Asus Board … ode=240422

Both have all the bells and whistle you would want.  Both are SLI and run an AMD chipset.

Gl with you new system.  Google is your friend, just do your research.  Let me know if there is anything I can do for yea.

best wish's.
sounds like you need a lot of help...
sli motherboards do NOT require you to run 2 video cards
for super prices check fatwallet
for recommendations read, read and read some more... check OCing boards for system specs
Depending on how much $ you want to spend, I'd recommend a few different options:
super cheap:  ($500ish)
fry's special ecs nforce mobo with a semperon 3100.  (you can overclock this chip at LEAST 25% on a base HSF)
2 gigs of ddr400
fry's special on a seagate drive (160s go for $50, 200s a little more, etc)
video card depends on what you want... 6800 is the lowest I recommend you go

quality ($800ish)
here's the choice:  sli or no sli?  If no get a DFI nforce4 "ultra D" boards ($110ish), if yes I can personally recommend the ECS KN1 SLI lite (also nforce4) boards from fry's for $100.
chip: opteron all the way!  146 or 148 ($150 to $250), check monoprice and use coupons from fatwallet
ram: 2 gigs of ddr500 (search hot deals on fatwallet)
video: single 7900GT (have seen them as cheap as $270)
hard drive: same
case: something antec (IMO) CC has a good one on sale for $30 right now with power supply.
this system will run = to a FX55 amd system and will smoke anything geeky computer stores sell for under $1500.

super high end: ($1000 or more)
same, but buy a dual core opteron ($300 or more)
and or second 7900gt card
If you want to go crazy get 2 10k rpm drives and raid 0 them.

I recently bought a system from there and the quality and service was outstanding.  There was a little delay in the assembly and shipping but I think that was due to the Holiday Season.  The prices are really low and competitive (compared with and the site sells everything from pre-built computers to custom designed barebones systems.  The building fee is $75 but tax-free if ordering outside of Georgia.  Good Luck

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