Favorite Car

chopper28%28% - 9
car34%34% - 11
boat3%3% - 1
apc15%15% - 5
Aa6%6% - 2
tank12%12% - 4
Total: 32
if there r any other favs post them
chopper aint a car, should be favorite vehicle
Commander Disconnect
If the linebacker had smoke, then that would be my favorite ride, but until that actually happens I pick the pick-up truck with the machine gun.
Mass Media Casualty

The little USMC buggy. Nuthin' beats that! When Spec Ops I useually strap a couple of C4 to it too, just so I'm not left completely helpless when a tank rounds the bend.
[Blinking eyes thing]
GunSlinger OIF II
M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Gulf coast redneck hippy
+731|6023|Tampa Bay Florida
APC.. armor, speed, power, all in one.  Plus you can carry a squad full of anti-tank and engineers for support when you encounter enemy armor
I want a cool title!
chopper - Not a car.
    car - My favorite car is the car. Be more specific next time.
    boat - Not a car.
    apc - Not a car.
    Aa - Doesn't even have wheels. Unless you mean the mobile AA.
    tank - Not a car.

I assume by car you mean transport.
My favorite is the FAV. It's fast, like the DPV, but the MG on top can move around.
I like the name Vodnik, too.
GunSlinger OIF II
tracked vehicles have more wheels than a car
+105|5965|Lexington, KY
Not to complain but the poll should also have transport chopper and attack chopper.  I do not like the transport choppers that much, they are to slow but allow you to win easily on Wake.

Edit: Admin, if you think it is correct, could you move this post to BF2 Chatter since this has nothing to do with the latest patch.

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I'm moving to Brazil

cyborg_ninja-117 wrote:

chopper aint a car, should be favorite vehicle
lol good point loool anyhow my favorite car on  ur poll was the car lol as funny as that sounds
AA cus you can use it for infantry ligh vehicles and helos effectivley, and decent speed, more armor than the pickups
Got His War On
+37|6107|Golden, CO
FAV is very awesome.  It's only a tad slower than the DPV and the gun goes a full 360 degrees.

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