BladeRunner wrote:

Legalise ALL drugs. What you do in the privacy of your own home between yourself or consenting adults should be NONE of your government's business as long as you're not hurting anyone. Heck, they could earn a fortune by taxing it, meaning better hospitals, etc. Huge police resources would be freed up to to catch rapists, murderers, and theives instead of sending 6 officers round to kick in the door of someone who likes to stick on some Pink Floyd and smoke a joint. It'll also take a wedge of cash out of the pockets of the criminals. Another thing is alot of people seem to want to do drugs no matter what the law says. If it was legal, people would be more open about it. The more open things are, the more informed we are. When a kid decideshe wants to experiment with LSd, he's not going to be doing it on his own, hidden away where anything could happen to him. He'll be out in the open where people can keep an eye on him. And if something did go wrong, he wouldn't be petrified to seak help for fear of being slammed in a cell with genuine reprebates.


Bill Hicks once said that if you took away drugs music would die.

eg Bands who took drugs:

Pink Floyd
Jimi Hendrix
The Beatles

etc etc

Bands who stand against drugs:

Britney Spears
The Spice Girls

Enough said.


As for the argument that smoking a joint will turn you into a heroin addict, I had a drink now and again when I was a kid...i'm not now sitting in a doorway drinking Meths covered in urine.

Do you know..I once heard a rumour years ago that Benson & Hedges have already got the rights to the brand name 'Reefer', should pot ever b legalised. How true that is, I have no idea.
... i just dont know what to say to this... all drugs?  come on dude.. i think pot is ok but when you r willing to do sexual favors to the same sex for more drugs... bad... just bluh!
Have a nice day!
B.Ss  Britney Spears....

when ever she  takes a jetflight to travel someplace;
the other passengers ask the stewardess to ask B.S.=Bullshit. to keep on her shoes...
...due to her abbuse of sum
.nose-candy im shure...
the nite before...
bah she stinks...

Guille wrote:

but when you r willing to do sexual favors to the same sex for more drugs... bad... just bluh!
That's the fault of the abuser, not the drug.

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