Hi every 1 im new too the BF2S Forum

I have been playing BF2 for about 3 months,i last played on last friday night.On saturday night i tried logging on to BF2 to play on line and all i ketped get was an error message (THE UNIQUENICK PROVIDED IS INCORRECT) im at a loss know i feeling like S**t why should i play BF2 when all my details have been lost or stolen,Im not the greatest player but i was starting to move up the ranks and i got my first weapon unlock about a week or so ago.
I have tried all the log in details i have and passwords (i keep all my emails with the details on)i have even e-mailed gamespy to no joy and also ea support to no joy any ideas any 1.
Im sorry if some one has already posted somthing like this before .Please help your my only hope
Finnish bush-man
Check the normal things first:

1.Caps not on (althought you should notice that...).
2.If the game doesnt automatically save the player name, check your bf2 folder where your PID is, theres your user name aswell and check it atleast 3x if its correct.
3.Reboot bf2
4.Reboot Comp

It could be just a glitch that happens once but if not, mail EA about it just wait a sec ill get you the link...
EA tech support that place might help you out.

You got some BAD luck man...

Oh, if EA support and tech support are the same thing, consider me as an idiot.

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i put the patch in the other day and tryed to play bf2 and (THE UNIQUENICK PROVIDED IS INCORRECT came up and i cant play so if you will please tell me how to fix it and i thank you......

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