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dont want to read evrything, but do you actually  think a cheater cares about stats? so saying "oh joy, his stats got erased, now im so much better", think they care? he will own you with his rockets for just thinking that i hope i would be honerd to killed by him. and ask him to join my team so i have a chance of winning the round if nobody does anything exept him that is
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cheaters can burn in a cows ass.
He says in his post that EA has ‘messed with him for the last time’....

Give me a break, that’s just an excuse. Seriously, what did ea "do" to him? Nothing.

I don't know why theses pimple faced nerds need to convince themselves they’re some kind of morally justified victims.

Be a man for fucks sake and tell it like it really is: you did it cause you like hacking code and cheating in games. That’s it. If you were some digital Robin Hood you would be hacking the Pentagon or Walmart or some huge conglomerate, not trying to develop a parachute hack for a video game.

Down with the man!  :-/

1) You aren’t' a victim
2) EA didn’t do anything to you
3) Thank God there is porn on the interweb so you can 'get some'.

sfg-Ice__ wrote:

Taking the time to develope a killer hack...............a few sleepless nights and a case of mountain dew
Testing on a unranked server while taking the vid...30mins of your time and some editing
Placing that video on a public server......................30s of your time
Having the video used against you to get your stats wiped......Priceless
I've only just started playing.. Please tell me there is a check for this hack now..  I mean, knifing people from yards away.....

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