Bigwrm wrote:

All of you people that think this is fake or that it wasnt a ranked server should really unfuck your heads from your asses and do a little research on who teamgod is.  GODJOEY they're homosexual chickenlegged "leader" and has been banned or kicked from several games.

   I played Planetside and guess who got banned for speedhacking?  THere was an old website called that explained what faggots they are.  These guys are a plague to online games and their only goal is to ruin everyone's fun.  Do a google search and read up on all the other games they hacked. 

   Im still amazed at people not believing this shit and literally standing up for them.  Ranked server or not,  these guys are a fucking joke.  LEts hope Godjoey comes to these forums and posts.  Then makes another account to praise himself.  Just like he did on the planetside forums.  Too bad when he went to thank the poster that praised him,  he forgot to switch accounts and owned himself. 

  Must suck to never touch vagina and spend all day trying to figure out how to hack a game because you lack natural skill.

look at the dudes k/d ratio ?? its .. 9.5 .. that smells like cheats to me ..
TaNk WhOrE
+1|6493|Charlotte N.C.

e-i-u-benjamin wrote:

wtf man HACKS, already GOddAMn!! but arent the hackers being resetted?? by ea?? ive seen alot of pplz bein reset...

OOOW MYYY GOODDDDD, this is worse then i thought, i just wathced that video OWWW MYY GODDD JESUS CHRIST HOLY MOTHER OF GOdD uNbeliefable Crap I Cant BElieve ThiS This IS PURE BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!
lol good selection of words and i think this is the worst thing to happen if it is released
+244|6546|arica harbour
smells... more like it taste like cheating..

GODJOEY i hope you are seeing this....... you hack and you go tell everyone about it.. hackers are supposed to be secretive.. they dont public advertise their hacks and tell the whole damn world that they hacked a game....

like someone said in this exact same forum.......stupid is as stupid does. 

he is more like dogjoey.. or shitjoey
TaNk WhOrE
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Cbass wrote:

ExecutionerStyle wrote:

Cbass wrote:

so did u report this jackass yet?
Yes, and an L2 admin found that it seemed real and in a Ranked BF2 server. I also e-mailed Even Balance.
Good, i hope EA goes to his house and smashes his rig and bitch slaps him.
lmfao i think his stats were already reset and that is why he is crying like a little baby
fuck em. Played and ejoyed way more games than i have lost. worth the £15 I paid for the game.
+50|6552|Southern California
hacks are so rare, this is just another demonstration of how absurd hacks are. nobody gets away with it. this guy is gonna find himself unable to play EA games for life very soon.
The Microwave Man
I sreiuosly hope this is spread to eveyone who plays this game . Cuz it looks like more fun then the latest patch
+50|6552|Southern California
Come to think of it, i doubt this is realistic

this guy would get banned in a heartbeat from anything connected to EA for life. nobody would go online and brag about it.
This has to have taken place in an unranked server or on single player, and this has to be his attempt at fucking with the community and EA.
+17|6601|Switzerland (Im not swiss tho)
nobody would go online and brag about it.
Nitro, you there?
Man... looking at the response here, the guy who did this got exactly what he wanted. Launching all the kids into 'OMGWTFBBQ you haxxorr!' mode... *rolls_eyes*

ComradeWho, you mentioned in your last 2 posts that this guy would be 'banned for life'? LOL. What a funny joke.
I'll take two
+132|6643|Perth, Western Australia
Its a fake. 3 supprting reasons:

1. None of the players on either side are using unlocks except him. After checking some of the stats of the players he capped in the video they all have at least a few unlocks, and even if you watch the scoreboard while he is playing he is the only one with unlocks, not even once does another unlocks pop up.

2. No one screams at him. BF2 players may have the fastest reflexes in the world to be able to type "WTF" when something bad or unsual happens. And furthermore, if you look closely at the chat/radio area no messages pop up. Even when that tank was firing at him in all reality it would have stopped to type something if he hadnt died while he was just standing there.

3. All the maps are 16 player size, and therefore single player size. This may not sound like much but when you look at the fact the every player is missing him so badly in the second bit (where he first demonstrates long distance knifing), but he still manages to take some damage then that just screams inept singleplayer bots to me.

So what we have here is a hoax. Some guy that editted bf2s singleplayer files to make it look like he was on a public server by giving himself unlocks and changing the names of all of the players to the names of real players from around the world, and then modded the game, somewhat like the similar themed Slaughter Mod, which is basically an overkill mod.
Let me put it this way, there would be at least a couple WTFs in a real ranked server after something so blatant as the auto AT.
The other kid
it wont let me see that video but reading what the hack does scares me bad enough!! look at that 1 knife with range!!! thats scary. ive had that hapen from some guy with that tag no one by me and i get knifed and it shows about a mile or 2 away
Team NHB
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Would you like to know why EA dismisses this guy as a peon? Because he's bull shit. Look at the name in his video: GODFRACK. Now, look up GODFRACK's stats..see any stats? I certainly don't. This dumbass edited his local BF2 files, changed the names of his bots, and went into a single-player Karkand in hopes of luring people to believing he actually hacked Battlefield 2.

Thanks, case closed.
EDIT - Sorry, wrong thread.

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This would be our wonderful friend GodJoey's clan.....

Waddya expect from a loser who lives in a trailerpark (well used to, he moved)  in Florida driving a beat up gray 1986 Chevy Celebrity that hasnt been registered since 1999. The guy's a tard. In fact, the 16 year old's parents he posted the picture of on his website with references to "hitting it", etc are attempting to contact the Florida law enforcement as we speak to have a discussion with Mr Joey V..... he's fooked in more ways than one if he doesn't do something about the posts on his forum....

In the end, they say a picture is worth a thousand words....

Guess with his BF2 wiped for hacking he'll have better things to do..

Oh yeah, Joseph, happy belated birthday.... 01/19, right? Leave our admins out of your site, lowlife.
So you guys dug pretty deep into this guys life eh? Thats scary in two ways.

1. That you have the ability to find out such info from someone through the internet. If thats where you got it.

2. That you would even bother trying to dig up info like that on someone. I mean the dude is part of a loser hack clan. The only step left is for you to round up a posse and go kick his ass and throw his computer out on the street.
She looked 18 to me officer
Unbelievable.  I am most disgusted by "Yea we finnaly ruined MOH".

Sad there lot in life it to be the biggest loser.

There must be a way to get these assholes names (or servers) perma banned.  Someone get on this ASAP!
She looked 18 to me officer
Furthermore, WTF is up with punkbuster.  Only time I have heard it work if "For being idle for 1 minute".
Kicked & Banned      146 / 10

Come the hell on? How can a hacker have less bans then me? I admit I cuss a fucking lot, but thats it... HACKERS/TKERS/PADDERS GO DIE
Thats Fucked up!

Landepaukku wrote:

Seems like someone doesnt like EA too much -.-
and that surprises you??  cmon, EA is the worst publisher on the market.. bar none.

Honestly, I can see people getting p.o'ed enough to do this.. having said that, I would
never cheat.. it ruins the fun.. I play to win, I play to get better, and hacks are for losers
who cant play worth a damn, anyhow..

Ive been posting about hacks in BF2 since day one.. They were out before the game was
even released..  yet, EA/DICE is more concerned about making patches that thwart what ??
Bunny Hopping ? (I should say JUMPING, because thats what it is...)

Punkbuster is useless, always has been, always will be. Im afraid that hacks like these
will get out even more, now that more people are talking about it.. then BF2 will be a
disgrace just like Counterstrike.

I would like to say that I hope EA does something about this... but hell, theyre more
concerned about getting expansion packs out so they can get more of our money than
they are about fixing bugs OR stopping hacks..  so, oh well..    besides, BF2 is almost
unbearable to play as-is now, anyhow, public servers are a joke to play on, too many
kiddies, too many ego-admins, and no teamwork hardly at all..

Oh well.
He's a tool, pure and simple. I wish their was a way to get all of the PIDs off his site, and ban the lot of them.

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