i was playing on a server earlier and came across some deuche bag with some hack on. went to their clans website and they posted this shit


im so sick of this game and its hacks
I am so sick of getting nailed with fully automatic Eryx rockets while some fucktard is in god mode parrachuting down 200 feet and using a hacked sniper scope.
Nay vee, bay bee.
+1,396|6168|The United Center


someone please tell me this isnt real.
Back in battle after 3-year break
Bullshit like this can ruin online gaming. Hopefully PB find a way to block this hack also...
Finnish bush-man
Seems like someone doesnt like EA too much -.-
+1|6096|Brisbane Aust
Annoyed with EA ! understatement ! This could destroy the game !!!!
+0|6209|Linkoping, Sweden
This is the worst hack I´ve seen in BF2!
Damn, please let me wake up from this nightmare.
+40|6181|The Netherlands
wtf man HACKS, already GOddAMn!! but arent the hackers being resetted?? by ea?? ive seen alot of pplz bein reset...

OOOW MYYY GOODDDDD, this is worse then i thought, i just wathced that video OWWW MYY GODDD JESUS CHRIST HOLY MOTHER OF GOdD uNbeliefable Crap I Cant BElieve ThiS This IS PURE BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Last edited by e-i-u-benjamin (2006-03-03 02:51:18)

well, ea hit back hard then. its very sad though. i like the game.
hope people are willing to play legit way and have fun
BASTARD.... I hope him and his family die and burn in hell!!
+65|6114|las vegas
ok 1. noone is complaing in game in written text

2. this is probably not a ranked server and private with all his buddies.

3. if this happned on any ranked server! he would have been kicked and banned ASAP.

crazy hack though

would be fun to play with! iw ont lie
+65|6114|las vegas
haha go to the clans site

what clan has a weghtlifting section in forums! bodytech

bunch of weirdo's

i work out a few days a week. but certainly tell my clan or make a whole forum about it.

701SQ Commander
really ive been playing BF2 since septemer/october and ive never seen something like this before. Also not to defend this shit but ive never encountered any hacker, lucky for me.  But i think that the number of people hacking is not so big as some people think.

nonetheless.. this movie sucks and the makers of the hack and all using should get a Key ban

ahahahahhaa i checked the side further and there is also a guy in that clan from BHD(Black Hawk Down) he got banned from that last week Ofcourse for cheating/chamming/hacking

it's Godjoey

Last edited by Sondar (2006-03-03 03:17:18)

The fact is that it probably wont realy affect us all very much because he doesnt actually state how to modify bf2 so that everyone can use the same hack as him. Also if it does become very wide spread everyone will just have to play ea servers.. Or servers with admin all the time

that was the craziest funniest shit i ever seen.  i love the knife kills.  lets hope punkbuster can get rid of this ridiculous hack.
+-2|6208|U.K DURHAM
WTF now i have never seen hacks like this on a server before is that bull crap not some mad ass mini mod on a unranked server. thats what it looks like to me sort of like the stunt mod but with some mad ass changes i must say the rockets and knife how the hell. now that vid is a must keep and show to my mates later sort it out pb ffs.

Last edited by A=10 (2006-03-03 03:18:31)

lol some BSF guys got owned
Well if it makes you feel better non of that footage is from a ranked server, unless of course every single person on the whole of the server was a private coz otherwise it'd show their ranks by their name.

im gonna take a bet that the server he was on was a weeny unranked server that didnt have PB turned on, otherwise why would he lie about the footage being from a ranked, PB protected server?

All seems a bit fishy to me
+2|6116|Birmingham, UK
For starters, we don't know if this guy was on a ranked server or not. He could have been on an unranked server that he has control of.

In addition, if this guy hadn't posted that link, then none of us would have been the wiser until we actually came up against it in a game ourselves. In a positive vein, it's braggers like this that actually help EA/Punkbuster come up with new ways to deal with it, as they are now aware of the problem (maybe you should report that link to EA direct?). Go back five years and no one had heard of a man in the middle attack, or session hijacking, now we have companies selling hardware and software (as well as open source) to deal with almost any internet security risk.

So we should actually be commending the cocksmoker for bringing it to our attention.

Cheers asshole!

iPod is broken.
+1,048|6086|NT, like Mick Dundee

Quick, somebody tell Nitro there are new hacks for him to use... He will worship the first person to tell him.

Shit, he would probably sell his soul for that hack....
Whoa... Can't believe these forums are still kicking.
Any information that you come across regarding cheats, get the links etc and mail them to :

[email protected]

Dont tell the people involved in using the cheats, The usual "HAHAHA I have let punkbuster know about this" , means that they may stop using it. Just enjoy the moment when their stats are cleared and they are on here whining about it.


Last edited by -fe.lep- (2006-03-03 04:07:48)

thats not a ranked server .. look all his teamamtes have no rank over them .. also look up GODFRACK's stats .. they dont exist...
Looks like single player to me...
+1|6184|The Netherlands
As far as I know I haven't seen any hackers/cheaters while I have been playing online. (or haven't noticed it).
I sometimes get killed and I call it luck.

But I still want everyone that hacks/cheats to be banned.

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